The Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health is now (once again!) the NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation! Please visit us at our new site and stay engaged!

Our goal has always been to protect and advance access to reproductive healthcare in ways that are innovative and strategic. We are proud to have been nimble in the face of ever-changing threats and political landscapes. In 2009, we changed our name to OFRH in order to advance groundbreaking programs such as One Key Question® within systems that would not tolerate discussion of the full range of pregnancy options. Now, in 2018, as we face unprecedented attacks from the most hostile Presidential administration in modern history, we see that our political and organizing arms must work in close alignment in order to ensure reproductive health access for all Oregonians. Sharing a name with our sister organization, NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon, will allow us to build on our victories and gain allies in communities that are looking for strong leadership in such uncertain times.

NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation supports and protects, as a fundamental right and value, a person’s freedom to make individual decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices – including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion – through education, training, organizing, and research. We champion public policy that addresses disparities in reproductive healthcare and promotes health equity for all people.

The decision to change our name grew out of our newly-released five year strategic plan, developed over months of engagement by our Board of Directors and staff with input from over 75 members and key organizational allies. We look forward to this plan guiding us through the growth needed to effectively meet the challenges and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. Knowing that now more than ever, Oregon needs a strong organization advocating for women and all people who can become pregnant, we identified the following four goals as critical to our organizations’ – and our movement’s – success. Over the next five years, we plan to:

  • Expand and enhance capacity, visibility, and effectiveness as Oregon’s pro-choice political leader
  • Grow and engage an active, connected NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon membership throughout the state
  • Develop, champion, implement and evaluate bold policies that center the people most impacted by disparities in reproductive health access and ensure equitable care for all Oregonians
  • Strengthen our organizational infrastructure and capacity to ensure growth and sustainability for the next 40 years

The work of the NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon Foundation will fall primarily under Goals Three and Four, and will focus on mobilizing our grassroots base, training the pro-choice champions of tomorrow, and overseeing implementation of our legislative victories such as the Reproductive Health Equity Act. Our large network of clinical contacts, developed over years of work with One Key Question ®, makes us uniquely poised to build bridges between providers and patients and the elected officials that want to hear from them. We plan to leverage these networks to develop and champion the most cutting-edge reproductive healthcare policies in the nation, and ensure that these policies are effectively reaching those most in need of reproductive health services.