Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee

Our program director was selected by Governor Kate Brown to be on the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee. The committee, authorized by Senate Bill 440, has been created to align quality measures for multiple types of health plans over which OHA has authority.The committee will be the single body to align health outcome and quality measures used in Oregon to ensure that the measures and requirements are coordinated, evidence-based, and focused on a long-term statewide vision.

In this role, OFRH will be the consumer advocate voice, to ensure the recommendations put forward in fact support health equity for all Oregon women and families through valuing the care given and impacts for population health. OFRH believes that all people should have the power and resources to make healthy decisions about their bodies, sexuality, and reproduction for themselves and their families without fear of discrimination, exclusion, or harm.

Follow along with meetings here: Health Plan Quality Metrics Committee


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