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ONE KEY QUESTION®  is trademarked and a signed MOU is required before implementation to ensure fidelity of the program.

The Oregon Foundation for Reproductive Health is partnering with Power to Decide to administer One Key Question® (OKQ) and they now handle all OKQ activities, trainings, agreements, and licenses outside of the state of Oregon.

email:   phone: 202-478-8510

The One Key Question® (OKQ) initiative arose from our determination to change the long-standing fragmentation of primary care and reproductive health  services. It encourages all primary care health teams to routinely ask women age 18-50 “Would you like to become pregnant in the next year?”  Women would then be offered the essential preventive reproductive health services based on her response.

The importance of preconception care to improve maternal and child health outcomes is becoming more evident! More women who are choosing pregnancy are older, struggling with chronic medical conditions and taking medications regularly. A preconception care visit can optimize their chances of a healthy pregnancy by screening for conditions that adversely affect pregnancy and reducing toxic exposures to the infant.  Also, despite decades of high-quality evidence and several national initiatives, only about one-third of women take folic acid daily before conception to prevent major birth defects.

Too many women lack comprehensive contraception advice on how to avoid pregnancy from their clinician. There are advances in birth control methods, such as long-acting reversible contraceptives, and improvements in out-of-pocket costs for many women, making it extremely important for providers to check in with women about their method. Unintended pregnancy occurs among women who are not using contraception at all  and women who are inconsistent in their birth control use, and providers play a key role in supporting women find a method that works for them.