Final OKQ Report 2018One Key Question® was part of a unique survey of nearly 2,000 women of childbearing age who receive health care at the nation’s community health centers.  It found that  90 % reported that they were not actively seeking to become pregnant in the next 12 months. Yet more than 3 out of 10 were not using contraceptives at the time of the survey.

The report. Patients Experiences with Family Planning in Community Health Centers (PDF), was authored by Susan F. Wood, Sara Rosenbaum and other researchers at the Milken Institute SPH Department of Health Policy and Management, July 2015.

Health centers should move rapidly toward assessing women’s pregnancy
intention by adopting a screening protocol such as the One Key
Question®. Women readily answered the question in our survey, and use
of the question helps ensure identification of all women of reproductive
age who do not affirmatively intend to become pregnant, so that such
women can receive immediate follow-up counseling, contraceptive care,
or referral for family planning services.

Read more on the clinical pilots in this Summary of Research on One Key Question.pdf

2017 Summary of One Key Question® use in Oregon